Best Dog Food Brands

Top 7 Must-try Best Dog Food brands: 2021.


Dogs are one of the most lenient and humble that’s when it comes to food choices. They are not very picky eaters as you may have seen dogs love scrounging on leftovers from the trash cans, animal bones, and other stuff. In this article we will you about some best dog food brands.

This is the natural behavior of dogs however being a dog owner you need to know what you should feed your dog and how to take care of their meal, for example, breakfast dinner, and lunch.

List of Top Brands

There are a large number of dog food brands available in the market but here we are listing th7 top Dog food brands for you including

  • Royal Canin
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Hill’s Science Diet
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Purina
  • Wellness Pet Food

Our Top Pick of Best Dog Food Brands

Although there are many healthy dog food brands, Our top pick is Royal Canin which is one of the most suitable food for your dog especially if they are suffering from nutritional deficiencies. This is one of the best Petco dog food brands.

Top 7 dog food brands 2021

Royal Canin (Best Dog Food Brands)

Product Description

  • As the name shows this dog food brand is the perfect fit for your royal pets because it is a combination of all essential nutrients that your dog may need.
  • This dog food is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes in closing young old adult pure breeds large and small dogs.
  • What makes it stand out among many good dog food brands is the fact that it offers a variety of dog food from where you can pick and choose between dry and wet dog food.
  • The food is made by keeping in mind all the nutritional needs of dogs along with reducing the hazards to environmental pollution.
Best dog food brands, Dog food brands
Royal Canin (Best Dog Food Brand)

Bottom line

Royal Canin is a brand that can be used even if you have a senior dog or a puppy a small dog or a large dog making sure the fulfillment of their nutritional needs.

Taste of the Wild (Best Dog Food Brands)

Product description

  • Low on budget but high on the quality that’s how we will define the taste of the wild dog food brand which is one of the most suitable dog food brands especially if you are on a low budget.
  • As the name says this dog food gives your dog the essence of all the wildness their ancestors have ever tested. The protein used in this food is of top-notch quality.
  • The base ingredient of this dog food is meat or poultry, fish, etc.
  • Before sending to market all products are teste in labs. The best thing about this band is that they do not use any artificial colors or preservatives for flavors.
Dog Food Brand
Taste of the Wild (Best Dog Food Brands)

Bottom line

You need to have this dog food brand if you are low on budget but you cannot compromise on the health of your dog.

ORIJEN (Best Dog Food Brands)

Product description

  • Among all the dry dog food brands available in the market this one has a special place because all the products used are organic and are designed by keeping in mind the nutritional needs of dogs.
  • You can use this dog food brand for dogs of any size or age because the food is specially designed to be suitable for all types of puppies.
  • Another cool feature about this pet food brand is that is suitable for dogs and cats who are on a weight loss diet during the grain-free diet.
Best Dog Food Brands
Orijen (Best Dog Food Brand)

Bottom line

This brand is unique because even dogs that are very not about their food seem to enjoy their brand food. You can easily purchase this online and in other stores.

Hill’s Science Diet (Best Dog Food Brands)

Product description

  • From the medical point of view, this dog food brand is the best in town because of all the precautions they take while manufacturing the food.
  • The food is prepared under the supervision of expert veterinarians and nutritionists Who are well aware of the dietary needs of your dogs
  • You can choose food according to the age and size of your dog from a large variety of options available.
  • You can order customized food according to the need and ability of your dog depending on the weight, lifestyle, and extent of mobility along with other health conditions.
Best Dog Food Brand
Hills Science Diet (Dog Food Brand)

Bottom line

As this food is made under the supervision of experts it is very suitable for pets who are suffering from any pathological or other health conditions.

Blue Buffalo (Best Dog Food Brands)

Product description

  • Although there are many brands for adult dogs but when it comes to puppy dogs the options are limited.
  • Blue buffalo is one of the most unique and amazing brands for your puppy that has special concerns about the growth and development of your cute little friend.
  • Blue Buffalo have large number of products. They have different lines of puppy products including blue basics, baby blue, blue freedom, blue life, puppy protection formula and many others.
  • Both wet and dry food options are available and you can choose what suits you the best. A large number of options are available depending on the breed size and other factors from which you can choose according to your own preference.
Dog Food Brand
Blue Buffalo (Dog Food Brand)

Bottom line

The best thing about this friend is that all the food ingredients used in the making of food and natural and organic.

Purina (Best Dog Food Brands)

Product description

  • This is one of the most amazing brands for dogs of all sizes and breeds however they offer special foods for large breed dogs including Great Danes and many others.
  • We all know that adult dogs have their nutritional demands and they cannot be kept on a puppy diet. That’s why we will suggest you use Purina dog food for your adult babies
  • You can choose from a variety of products for all ages and sizes dogs.
  • Both wet and dry options are available. Some dog owners use this plan for or giving their dogs a treat meal however you can also use it on daily basis.
  • Being one of the most old and original dog food brands they stand out because of their natural products and great quality.
Health of Dog
Purina (Dog Food Brand)

Bottom line

A bit expensive but highly recommend dog food brand for your lovely dogs of all age.

Wellness Pet Food (Best Dog Food Brands)

Product description

  • Small dogs are a bit difficult to manage because of their dietary needs. The wellness pet food brand can make your life easy by offering you a large variety of food suitable for your puppy.
  • Their food mostly contain natural ingredients.
  • The food is made by keeping in mind the metabolic ratio of both adult and puppy dogs so that you can easily maintain their calories depending on their physical activity level.
Wellness Pet Food

Bottom line

Wellness pet food is suitable for both adults and puppies however they have a special grip on making amazing puppy foods that can help you improve the life quality of your puppy.

Buyers Guide of Best Dog Food Brands

Although there are a large variety of dog food brands however you need to know where to invest so that you can choose the best for your puppy. You should always know what dog food brands to avoid and what to choose.

Before buying dog food you should always keep in mind the following factors.

Natural and Organic Best dog Food Brands

Just like humans dogs and get have a sensitive gut. To make sure the health quality of your dog you should always see the ingredients used in the dog food. The most suitable dog food brand will be the one using a hundred percent natural ingredients with 0 synthetic food flavors.

The Age and Size of Dog

Before going shopping for food for a dog you should be well aware of the age and size of your pet. As we know that human babies have different nutritional demands as compared to human adults. So the same applies to dogs.

Your Dog Allergies

Sometimes the best-rated dog food brand will not suit your puppy and the reason behind this will be one of the ingredients that do not suit your dog. You should be well aware of your dog allergies so that you can save them from certain circumstances. Always read the ingredient list before buying.


We have mentioned the top 7 Dog food brands that you can use for your dog. Most of these dog food brands have both wet and dry food options from which you can choose. The most important point that you should keep in mind is to read the ingredient list before buying dog food.

Among all the mentioned dog food brands we will advise using Royal Canin because of its natural ingredients and high quality food.


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